You do not need RAT if you are attending a consult, unless your child is booked for Food Challenge with us. Wearing a mask is still required in our clinic.



In July 2021 Royal Australasian College of General Practitioners accredited KidMed in extended skills training in Paediatrics and Child Health.



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We are excited to announce that Dr Deepak Gill, one of the top experts in paediatric neurology/epilepsy, has joined our team!

Dr Omar Sawan

BHlthSc, MPodMed

I am a podiatrist at KidMed Medical Centre. A podiatrist is a lower limb and foot & ankle health expert.

I am passionate about all aspects of conditions affecting the lower limbs at a young age, from typical growing pains to the complex genetic complications and everything in-between. Having my own children, I know how emotional it can be to have a child complaining of pain, especially when there are no obvious signs or symptoms.

The reason why I became a podiatrist was because, when I was young, my mother took me to see a podiatrist after a few years of complaining about lower leg pains. I saw how one visit made a large difference to my complaints, and since then it has been my ambition to help children with similar concerns.

After obtaining a master’s degree in Podiatric Medicine, I have worked as a podiatrist in many parts of Australia, from Metropolitan Sydney to Alice Springs. I combine comprehensive assessment with the best evidence base treatments, modern technologies, and highest quality materials, to ensure that your child receives the best possible care.